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Experienced Mediation Services In A Wide Range Of Legal Disputes

Mediation is an important tool for resolving legal disputes. As a method of alternative dispute resolution, it gives both sides the opportunity to reach a workable outcome outside of court. It also involves considerably less stress, time and expense than the litigation process.

Selecting The Right Mediator

In any mediation, the mediator plays a vital role in facilitating productive discussions. Selecting the right mediator is a key step in laying the groundwork for success. The mediator must not only be well-equipped to develop effective problem-solving strategies, but also well-versed in Kentucky law.

At Robin Simpson Smith, Attorney at Law, our mediator fits both qualifications. As a lawyer for more than 30 years, Ms. Smith has a wealth of experience spanning a broad range of civil practice areas. She has also served as a domestic relations commissioner, which gives her unique insight into family law cases as well as dispute resolution in general.

Based in Prestonsburg, Ms. Smith is available to serve as a mediator in virtually any type of civil case throughout Eastern Kentucky, including:

  • Personal injury matters
  • Real estate and property disputes
  • Probate and estate disputes
  • Family law cases
  • Business disputes

Seeking Representation In Mediation Proceedings?

We also represent clients in mediation proceedings. Attorney Smith’s background as both a mediator and advocate gives her a well-rounded perspective on how to pursue favorable outcomes. She can protect your interests throughout the process, providing the knowledge and recommendations you need to make informed decisions.

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